vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

For the free time: who are the best

Let's have some rest. For the rest I found several performances of famous Jeerusalema challenge done eearly spring by employees of ambulance services in some Lithuanian cities and towns. These are the people who really saw corona-crisis

Let's start from Vilnius:

In my opinion surprisingly well done presentation of Kedainiai ambulance:

Well dancing team of Mazeikiai ambulance:

Alytus ambulance: I need something more:

May be not the best but surprising presentation of Prienai ambulance:

Not bad but I want something more: Panevezys ambulance team

Rather modest presentations from Moletai and Kretinga:

Finally Kaunas ambulance. Likely most expensive and most politically correct: people of different ages and diifferent complexions, etc. Thats not bad


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