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Our brave new world

We are still living in the the fluctuating migrant crisis: every day scores of illegal immigrants are crossing the border from Belarus. This number never droped below 30 per day  in recent months. Average is likely about 70 people while on some days maximum numbers are reaching 150-160:

While this crisis is clearly orchestrated by Lukashenko regime we must understand that different migration crisis will occur in comming decades more and more  often.

The reason is very clear: there are huge demographic disproportions in different parts of the world. And the understanding of the family is very different in different parts of the world. Next table shows the number of children born in different countries and regions of the world in single year 2020:

The situation is most complicated in Africa. It is hard to understand rationaly that in single African country - Nigeria - there were almost twice as much babies born than in whole EU in 2020 ... And if we will combine together EU, USA, UK, Canada , Australia there still will be slightly more children born in Nigeria than in those all countries together ... It is difficult to understand rationaly that in 1950 in such African countries as Niger or Cot d'Ivoire there were less  people living  than in Lithuania. Now in both these African countries there are more children born per year than in most populous European country - Germany. Such uncontrollable growth causes a lot of other problems - deforestation which causes desertation and reduction of agricultural lands, lack of water, etc. And very sad factor: in many African countries population grows at a faster pace than grows the economy. And this situation is almost permanent in recent decades.
And now try to imagine what these millions of recently born African children will do 20-30 years later seeing depleted agricultural lands, poor local economy and lack of perspectives ? Wellcome to new brave world

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