vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

That's happened. Now we are in the adult league ?

That's happened. Today this city witnessed first LGBT+ community parade "Kaunas Pride" (photos from various media outlets):

So now we can feel as true European metropoly :)

Such events are allways controversial and requires additional police prese nce:

Participants arriving:

Such events allways attracts participants from abroad:

Colourful event:

Allways there are protesters:

This woman became celebrity in one day :)

So they has very hard job to do:

Among participants some famous people:

The main event:

One of the most impressive photos:

Whats my opinion ? I deeply believe that anyone as the right for personal life and has the right to live as he or she wants to live. No one has the right to regulate personal preferances of any person. From the other side it is hard to understand the purpose of such parades. If they really can solve the problems of this group of people ?

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