vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

Situation on border

This evening one Lithuanian media outlet (15min) published exclusive photos how the group of Somalis tried to enter Lithuania. In recent weeks there were very few journalist reports from the border: authorities significantly reduced possibilities to report from the border zone because the info was successfully also used by those who are organizing smuggling of the immigrants. But many media organizations started to protest and likely authorities lifted some restrictions.

The group of young Somali males very very patiently waited many hours looking for the opportunity to cross the border:

They organized improvised campus but where observed by Lithuanian officers:

The weather in the evening is colder:

One Belarusian border guard came and for some tiime looked completely indifferently to unknown people who made the campus right on the border:

Likely someone above went to the conclusion that there will be impossible to cross the border. The group of BY border guards arrived and pushed this group away from border:


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