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Visaginas - youngest town in Lithuania

Town of Ignalina nuclear power station and the youngest town in this country:

Visaginas is the town specially built for the employees of the Ignalina nuclear power plant which is located 12 km from the town. This is the youngest town in Lithuania. Construction was started in 1974 and then town was called Snieckus (name of the first secretary of local communists from 1940 till 1974 ). In 1989 it was renamed Visaginas - name of nearby lake and old village which existed at this place.

Town has about 30 thousand residents. This is significantly less than initially planned 75 thousands (or even 150 thousands planned by Leningrad design institutes in their perspective plans). Only 2 from 4 initially planned reactors were built and only one of them working last months (should be closed on 1 January, 2010, first block was closed in 2005). If all 4 reactors would be built then Ignalina would be the largest nuclear power plant in the world.

So town waiting for the great changes. In the coming years construction of Ignalina-2 will be started but this station will be in operation only around 2018. And also this will be entirely different station: old soviet RBMK reactors will be changed by the French Areva or Canada's CANDU reactors (Canadian proposal is better but France is the second most influential member of EU :)))

Since almost whole town was built between 1974 and 1989 it reflects architecture of the period. Also in Visaginas there are very few changes (I mean modernizations).

Even buses here "wear"  nuclear symbols:)))

On the southern corner of the town you can see still going construction of  Orthodox church (of course product of the period after 1990):

12 story residential - tallest in Visaginas (strangely photobucket always rotates this photo to this position):

Visaginas hospital in front of this house:

Polyclinic near hospital:

Awfully modernized perqualification center:

Most of the shopping centers here were also built in the 1980s:

Most of the residential houses here are panel and built from the series used in different Lithuanian towns. Hence diversity of the panel houses is bigger than in other towns. Those houses are clearly from Kaunas series but two houses are joined interesting:

But those houses are from non-Lithuanian series: I never saw such houses in Lithuania. They could be from Russia or may be Belarus:

One of the two main streets of Visaginas:

Visaginas is a special town in Lithuania : 55% of residents are Russians, 10% Belarussians , 7% Ukrainians, 9% Poles. And only 15% are Lithuanians. By the religion 40% are Orthodox, 30% Catholic and 30% Atheists :)

So only in Visaginas you can see such a views:)

Many of the administrative buildings in Visaginas are very modest as this court building:

But schools and kindergarten buildings are more interesting comparing to such buildings built in other towns at the same historic period.

School building:

Another school in the neighborhood:

Another kindergarten with Klaipeda series panel houses in the back:

And my final accent - Visaginas Catholic church (also product of 1990s):


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