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Gdansk (Danzig) part 3 - the power of Gothic

Some of views with Gothic of Gdansk:

In my opinion the power of Gothic you can feel only in northern Germany or in the towns that were formed by the northern German culture.
French , Austrian or British Gothic don't have such strong impression as a massive red brick buildings built about 700-800 years ago.

So in this report several views to the Gothic objects in Gdansk.

Old big water mill (built in the XIVth century):

Energy of the middle ages:

Small water mill from the same period:

St. Cathrin's church (1227-1239 and reconstructed in the XIVth century);

St. Brigit church (1396-1402) with the tower built 200 years later: )))

St. Bartolomew church from XVth century. One of the first Lutheran churches, today Greek-Catholic church:

Details from the previous periods:

Town hall of Old Town:

St. Mary Cathedral (1343-1502) from distance - the largest brick church in the world. It is impossible to photograph this church closer:

Streets near cathedral:

St.Jan church (1377):

St.Elisabeth church (built around 1400):

Several examples of city wall towers. Brama Jacek:

Part of the famous Zuraw:


Brama Wyzynna:

Marian gates:

Wall of the St. Ann cloister:

That's all for this unsorted report ...

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