vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

Renovation that I don't like

This house is near my workplace. Several weeks ago I observed that it's renovation was started. But such renovation I don't like ...

This typical for the late 1970s or early 1980's residential 5 story house was built for the employees of Kaunas technological university. Brick house still looks significantly  better than panel houses built the same time. Several weeks ago I observed that renovation of it has been started. And the new look will be worse than it was before ... Of course no one could prohibit the residents to save money and pay less for heating ...

Still you can see big parts of the building not insulated:

Part is under insulation:

The mystery is with the first floor :

I am sceptical about the look of such renovation 20 years later.
Not to finish short report with minor mood several photos from another renovation.
This renovation (about 300 meters away) is much better. First of all panel houses today looks significantly worse. Second: this house use better materials in my opinion:

Materials used are rather exotic:


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