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Raseiniai - gates to Samogitia, part 2

This is the second part of my report about district center of Raseiniai. But the first part I presented half a year ago, in March
(http://vyrud.livejournal.com/38921.html). So the second part is presented after a big break :)))

Going eastern direction from the center you can find Raseiniai church and former Carmelit cloister.

First church here was built in 1461-1421. It was small and in 1663 current Baroque church was built. Later Carmelit cloister was also established and it's building was built in 1682. In 1760-1768 cloister buildings were reconstructed.


Cloister buildings today are used for library needs:

Then I crossed several streets with individual residential houses northern direction. The buildings here are not interesting:

My goal was the former Raseiniai prison which is used today as a Raseiniai area museum. First of all I found monument for the victims of totalitarian regimes (1940-1990) which is built at the place which was used for the executions by the NKVD. The sculptures looked rather interesting to me:

Slightly away from this place is the former Raseiniai prison. Arrest house has been established in Raseiniai in 1897. In 1928-1930 new prison was built here for teenager criminals. It was designed by a group of German architects who also built world-famous (or world-infamous) Moabit prison in Berlin. The corrections on site has been made by one German student from Berlin. Lithuanian authorities then were angry when German company sent for corrections not the serious architect but only a student :)) The name of this student was Albert Speer. In 1940-1952 the prison was used "successfully" by the NKVD and Gestapo and used for the political captives.  In 1952 prison was closed and professional school opened. After reconstruction of 1985-1987 complex converted for the needs of museum (but museum opened only in 1992).

The main prison building:

Another building is under reconstruction today and it will be used for the needs of tourism center:

More general view to the complex:

In the 1980s new building of the professional school was built in the closest neighborhood. After recent renovation this school also got several features of it's neighbor :)))

And finally several photos of changes in Raseiniai - August 2008 and August 2009. The typical hotel and restaurant building from 1970s in the center:



Renovation is almost finished but it seems that decoration was lost. 
This glass box was absent one year ago:


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