vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

Space architecture in Lithuania

These space style buildings you can find in rural Lithuania:

In the Moletai district, in the village Kaldiniai in 1980s new Vilnius university observatory has been built. In 1990 museum of etnocosmology has been established - single museum of such kind in the world. In 2006-2007 with the EU support new buildings for the museum were built.

So let's go and see.

Mark near museum:

Entrance to the infocenter and caffe:

The infocenter building:

Main museum complex:

One of the exhibition halls:

View to the infocenter from museum:


Ventilation :)))

Museum environment is rather earthy :)))

Observatory itself is about 200 meters away. Small telescope :

Big telescope:

Hotel for astronomers:

With sun clock of course :)))

Stones used for pagan rituals - to remember our past:

How t find museum. You need to turn away from Vilnius - Utena round were caffee "Zodiac" is located :)))


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