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Alternative history: Vilnius general plan of 1942/1943

Some unexpected to me information about unknown general plan of Vilnius:

Some time ago in one bookstore in Kaunas I found the memoirs of Vladislovas Mikučianis "I wanted to work in Lithuania". Book isn't new since was published in 2001 (it means one year after the death of author). They were written in two parts: first part was written in 1986-1987, another in 1995-1997.

Several words about the author. V. Mikučianis was born in 1913 in S. Petersburg in the family of Lithuanian emigrants with the socialistic orientation. In 1919 his parents returned back to Lithuania (together with the Red Army) and were active in the attempt to establish communist regime here. In 1924 he returned back to Leningrad. In this city he got architect diploma in 1937 and began to work in design institute. In 1945 he was sent to Vilnius to work as a chief architect of this city. In this position he worked till 1962. Later he was a professor in the Vilnius art academy. He died in Vilnius in 2000.

One detail in his memoirs was particularly interesting because it is very difficult to find information about that. I mean general plan for Vilnius development prepared in 1942/43. (Mikučianis openly says that many of the ideas of post-WWII Vilnius plans were taken from the plan prepared in 1942/43 for the haupstadt of Generalbezierk Litauen). Plan was prepared by the group of Lithuanian and Polish architects led by the chief architect of Vilnius in 1939-1944 (sic!) Vytautas Landsbergis-Žemkalnis (also many Jewish specialists (at least 250) worked on the plan and were saved: that's why Landsbergis-Žemkalnis is honored in Yad-Vashem memorial  in Jerusalem).  There are some other interesting details: Vilnius Cathedral square was reconstructed in 1942 and was intact till the reconstruction of 1997-1998...

There are several illustrations concerning this plan in the book.

Zoning plan of 1942 is almost identical to the zoning plan in 1954:

General plan of Vilnius perspective constructions:

Very solid plans for the development of roads and connection lines:

This is the project of the first typical architecture district in Vilnius (area of  Žvėrynas district and Šeškinė district). Project of 1943:


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