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Baroque near Rokiškis - Jūžintai and Antalieptė

Trying to keep some geographical contingency I will post report about two baroque villages near Rokiškis. They are called Jūžintai and Antalieptė (church in Antalieptė on photo):

First of those villages is called Jūžintai and is located about 15 km south from Rokiškis. This village has interesting late baroque period church (built in 1780-1792). Without this church Jūžintai would be entirely uninteresting village. This baroque church was built at the place or earlier wooden church built in 1695. The initiative to build brick  church belonged to the local manor owner Weisenhof. Near the church operated small cloister. In 1832 cloister was closed.

When I was near the church this summer it was on maintenance and I was uneasy since about 15 workers looked to me (and first of all to my camera) with anxiety :))

Facade of the church still not repaired:

More general view:


Not impressive belfry:

Another village is bigger and is located further going south-eastern direction. It is called Antalieptė. Here main attraction is also baroque church and cloister.
Church was built here in 1682-1685. In 1732-1760 church was significantly enlarged and got modern look. Cloister was built in 1730-132 and significantly reconstructed in 1804-1830. In 1832 Catholic church and cloister were closed down. In 1846-1850 church was converted to Orthodox church and in 1895 Orthodox woman monastery was established. In 1918 they were given back to the Catholic church again.

Next two photos shows my pains trying to capture general view of the complex:)))

So we need to use only smaller views:))  facade:

I can't understand why oldest part of the church wasn't restaurated:

Remaining fresco on the oldest part:

Near the church you can find some remnants from the period when this church served as a Orthodox shrine:

This monument is located in the cloister area:

Main cloister building still wasn't restored (used as a school and elderly people house once):

Awful restoration of older house near cloister is going on (look at those windows :((():

Another attraction in Antalieptė are water mills built in 1855 by the initiative of count Tyszkewicz. Today they are unused but there are some active people trying to restore them.

First of all we need to cross risky bridge :))

And two water mills:

Inside those ruins you can see parts of old mechanisms - let's hope that one day they will be restored:

And going away let's browse last glimpse to the mill:


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