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Former "Pienocentras" centrail diary in Kaunas

Not far from the center of Kaunas for several years stand unused complex of former central diary of "Pienocentras" cooperative diaries. It is monument of the industrial architecture of 1930s and it's fate is unknown ...

Central diary of  "Pienocentras" was built in Kaunas in the 1935-1938. It was used as the Kaunas diary combinat and later by company "Kauno pieno centras" up to the 2006. When that company moved to the new buildings (the main production of the company are ice-creams and the main production runs in Estonia) old complex remained unused. There were several attempts to converse the complex but it seems that crisis pushed all those plans into deep pocket :((( And it is pity since it is unknown if the complex will survive in the future.

So let's look while it is possible to look at the complex.

The main depots of diary  (arch. Jonas Kova-Kovalskis):

Production building:

Main production building (arch. Vytautas landsbergis - Žemkalnis):

Next buildings got new life when they were incorporated into shopping and leisure center "Akropolis":

former Rzeszevski metal factory (1880s), later part of the textile factory "Kauno audiniai":

former main production building of textile factory "Kauno audiniai" (1935):

Those buildings three years ago during reconstruction:

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